My Baby Boy (Poem)


I have not always been there.
I have not always been the mother that I always dreamed of being.
I have not wiped every tear or soothed every sorrow.

I have made a lot of mistakes.
I have stumbled along the way.
I have lost my way more times than I can count.

I remember the day you were born and how my heart filled with love for you.
I remember the tears of joy not only in my eyes but in your Daddy's eyes as well.
I remember being in awe of the wonder that you are as you were placed in my arms that very first time.

As a child you were mischievous, stubborn, fearless, cute, lovable and so much more.
As a young man you are still all of these things.

You may not see how often my eyes fill with tears of pride.
You may not know how often my heart overflows with love for you.
You may not know that I do see all the wonderful things that you are.

We will not always agree.
We will not always have the same goals.
We will not always be travelling the same road.

I will do my best to be open-minded when we don't see eye to eye.
I will do my best to support you in whatever you decide to be.
I will do my best to guide you as you follow your own path.

Since the day you were born you have and always will be one of my greatest accomplishments.

I know that you are growing up but you will always be my baby boy.


© December 2013


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