Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sick is as sick does

Yes a lame attempt at a pun on words by Forest Gump's quote: Stupid is as stupid does...

I did get a call back on Thursday from my son's nurse that the psychiatrist was discontinuing the Latuda and reinstating the Olanzapine. ;)

Sadly that hasn't fixed everything as I had hoped. I think we may be heading for an hospitalization if he doesn't start taking care of himself physically. The hand gestures have pretty much stopped or is happening every now and then. Getting him off the Latuda was a good thing. The problem is that he started making himself sick. He has been making himself vomit... So he has barely kept any food down since last week. He is drinking lots of fluids which is good but it's not enough.

We have Pepto-Bismol and Gravol but getting him to take it is another story. It's taken me about 3 days of asking to finally get him to take a Gravol today. As far as I can tell he hasn't vomited today however he is again refusing to take anything so that he won't. I have been trying not to nag as I don't want to trigger his ODD and cause him to get defiant about taking his Invega and Olanzapine.

He hasn't been doing anything except making messes ;) I have been having to hose down areas of the backyard sometimes a couple of times a day. Between him spitting, leaving food items and garbage and even vomiting, it's been fun... Finally I put a bucket out for him which I'm having to dump and clean. Poor hubby. Watching my son make himself sick and listening to it, has been making my hubby want to be sick and he can't be around it. If he wasn't my son I would probably be the same.

It's gotten to the point where I'm moving the ashtray outside to where he is sitting because if I don't he is putting his cigarettes out on the table. When I point it out to him he says he doesn't remember doing it.

I commented today in a group I'm in about how to handle aggression. My helpful hint was to try to remember how we acted when they were small. Ignore the negative behaviors if you can. Yes I know... that doesn't really work with everything. I was thinking today that it sucks because at least with a child you can tell them that if they can't carry drinks without spilling etc then they can't carry drinks. Try telling that to a 21 year old that is spilling drinks everywhere or leaving opened freezes everywhere. I found one leaking all over my magazines. One today making a sticky mess in the backyard.

He had a bath today... He walked by me and phew... Several times a day he has been wanting me to message his back as well as at bedtime and cuddle with him. I told him today that I couldn't tonight if he didn't get clean.

You may not remember the brown corduroys that he got when he was in the shelter the last time. They came out last week. Finally one night I went into his room and put them in the laundry. Thankfully he gets undressed for bed. There was no way he was wearing them another day if I could help it. I'm debating getting rid of them and told him so. He said ok. They never did fit him right and so they have been falling off him.

So it's pretty much a waiting game right now on whether he will start eating and keeping it down.

*fingers crossed*


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