Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blueberry to Kiwi and a heartbeat.

Say hello to the newest member of our family. Fur-baby Kiwi.

At first my daughter named her Blueberry as her eyes were blue however I'm guessing just as human babies are usually born with blue eyes that change color, so too do kittens.

It has taken some time for Gucci to adjust as she can be a bit of a tyrant where Gucci is concerned. Gucci seems to be her favorite toy and Gucci's tail her favorite thing to stalk. On a good note, Gucci is getting more exercise! Now Gucci tolerates her napping beside her.

Yes I know, Gucci is a bit overweight. About 2 pounds according to the last vet visit. I have cut down on her wet food so hopefully she will lose a bit.

Kiwi has taken a liking to sleeping on my pillow when she sleeps with me. Gucci always wakes me up in the morning, usually between 5:30-6:30, by licking, head-butting or little nips on my ear if I ignore her too long. This morning I woke up to Kiwi on my pillow licking one side of my face and Gucci on the other side of pillow licking the other side of my face. Hard to wake up in a bad mood when you are being greeted with that!

2 weeks ago my daughter had her first appointment with the OBGYN. Neither one of us was expecting to hear what we did. The baby's heartbeat. We both cried... She has her first ultrasound appointment tomorrow.

My daughter is currently upstairs, in bed. She should be on her way to school. My daughter is being my daughter... Doing things the hard way. For the past 2 weeks she has only attended school 2 days each week.

Hubby called this morning to ask if she was up and should he text her. No. She only lies anyways and says she is up when she isn't. According to her she isn't lying because she sticks her foot of the bed so therefor her foot is up. Cute the first couple of times... Now, not so much. I have no intentions of ruining my mornings by calling and calling her until she gets snippy about it. It's her schooling and her tuition that she will have to pay back.

It's somewhat hard to not get pissy about her old group of friends that insist on contributing to her being up late, talking on the phone, however I lay the blame where it belongs, at her feet. I may not have to worry about that one too much shortly though. I have been telling her that I'm not going to pay her phone bill if it keeps up. I guess soon they are going to cut off outgoing calls. Good.

The other thing is Netflix. She watches it til all hours of the night/morning. I have been warning her that she won't be able to watch it on my internet... Last night I disconnected it. She can watch it on her phone however she will just be running up a bigger bill.

I didn't see her yesterday. She stayed in her room all day and didn't come out until I went to bed, even though I called her for dinner. *sigh*

Diagnosed, non-diagnosed...! ;)

Friday my son was taken to the long-term treatment facility. His Nana called crying that he was gone... I told her half way through the conversation that it's a good thing I'm a calm person and asked: Gone where? before I reacted. He has called me a couple of times to ask for money. Last night I asked him if he would sign a consent for me to talk to his doctor there. No, he wants to keep everything between him and his doctor. He asked if I would send out the laptop. I told him that I'm not comfortable with it being where I can't keep an eye on it. He could easily sell a $3000 laptop for $100 if he wanted marijuana bad enough. Then he suggested that perhaps he should come back here. Only if power of attorney is signed which is apparently against his religion. He agreed it is. :)

As for how he is. It's hard to tell. From what his Nana tells me, not good at all. He denies having any hallucination symptoms, voices etc when talking to me. He sounds fairly in the present however it's only for short periods that I'm talking to him.

Need to get ready for work...


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