Sunday, October 9, 2016

He's here....

My grandson that is.

What a beautifully perfect little guy. Baby and mom are doing good. Mom is breastfeeding and I have no experience with that so we have gone to a couple of breastfeeding clinics. He is gaining really well and feeding a lot. We had to do a little hunting around to find some infant probiotic as he has some trouble passing his gas. He was born with low blood sugar so had an extended stay in the hospital for observation.

He may be a baby model! His other grandma brought up getting baby pictures done and as luck would have it when I googled a baby photographer in our area I found one that needs to take pictures of newborns for a project. Due to this my daughter should be getting his done for free.

Hubby and I got married! Yup now he's my official hubby, not my common-law hubby. :)

I'm still working...

Just got Frosty fixed. All three fur-babies are doing good. Gucci, the big black one, has even lost some weight.

My son is doing good. I don't think he is doing as good as he should be by now. I was finally able to talk to his case worker at the treatment facility. My son finally gave permission... I'm supposed to be sending them my son's history of medication etc. Will try to get that done this weekend actually. My computer has been in the shop. Just got it back yesterday. Oh my did I miss it! My boss got me a notebook to use for work. That is all I could use it for. Can barely play Facebook games... Now that I got mine back I can print off the notes and get them faxed over.

I brought up to his worker that I want him re-diagnosed that I believe there is more going on then psychosis. His ADHD is still not being treated. No one is trying to help him understand addiction which is in my opinion his biggest issue.

He got some teeth pulled the other day. Between using, smoking and not taking care of them they were a mess.

I do believe my daughter saw/spoke with him and family last night on Skype. I fell asleep on the sofa so hubby put me to bed. The last couple of nights baby has been keeping me and momma on our toes. Unfortunately I don't get to nap when baby naps.

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that all is good.


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  1. Sounds exhausting. You keep on going, you're doing good.