Friday, August 14, 2015

A BS Interpreter needed. #9

I think I need one. A Bullshit Interpreter. Someone who can translate for me some of the BS...

What can I say. Sometimes dealing with 'professionals' can really get my dander up (piss me off).

Sunday Michael was involuntarily admitted to hospital. This would be his 9th involuntary admittance. It's the best place for him right now. I have seen him a couple of times. He is doing ok actually however he is actively hallucinating if you know the signs. Yesterday I got him into some clean cloths and had him put on some deodorant. I looked at the paper by his bed and he is on his second form until the 25th. He doesn't understand the reason: Serious bodily harm to oneself. As best I could I explained that when he isn't thinking clearly he is physically at risk of hurting himself. He said the problem was the sun, that is was damaging him...

Turns out I was right about the marijuana. He did admit to having some plus I found the pipe in his backpack. On Tuesday when we saw him, I asked him if I could have his backpack for a minute. He asked why and I said I wanted to snoop through it. Really I wanted it to clean out all the garbage but I thought it was cute when he handed it over. Whether he realizes it or not I take that as I sign that he does when it comes right down to it, trust me. It was over half full of garbage, a days worth of missed medications and of course his pipe. All went in the garbage.

I let him know that depending on what happens that I want to get power of attorney. He said that he would rather I didn't do that. I would rather not do it either however he keeps doing things that puts himself in these situations.

One nurse commented that she was shocked at the change in my son when he was around me. I guess he was pretty out of it before I visited. Yes my son can pull it together when he needs to. I think he wanted me to see how well he was doing so that I could get him smoking privileges. He did get them the next day.

When my son was first admitted and his nurse called me, he spoke of a family meeting. I hadn't heard anything about one since that so I brought it up to his nurse last night. So far his nurses have been really nice. She told me to call in the morning so that I could get the doctor as that's when they do their rounds. If anyone has had to call a hospital for a loved one I'm sure you have heard some of these. If you call in the morning it's: We are in the middle of shift change, call back in an hour. You call back in an hour and it's various responses that pretty much end with: Call back tonight. You call at night and it's: Call in the morning when the doctor is here.

So this morning I thought ok let's wait until after 8 and shift change... I call and ask if the doctor has seen my son yet that I would like to talk to him. Her reply was: It's only 8:30. Yes I was told to call in the morning, what time does the doctor normally get there to do his rounds? Before 10 and that I should call back in a couple of hours.

Hello BS Interpreter. I really need your help here...

I did request that a note be left for his doctor to call me. She said she would 'put it on the board'.

I could also use a BS Interpreter for when I get quoted privacy laws. Have you ever asked anyone who is quoting them if they have ever read them? I have and the answer was no. Guess what? I have read them. One person at the shelter quoted them at me, with my son right beside me, telling me that she couldn't tell me if he was there or not. This topic deserves it's own post and eventually I will get around to writing a good one that I'm probably going to submit to the local newspapers.

I will say this though: To anyone who is going to quote me privacy laws. Please read them first because I have and all you appear to be doing to me is protecting your own right to do less work or even use a little common sense.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I'm off to get my day started.


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