Monday, April 6, 2015

'Normal' Sick

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. Ours was pretty quiet as my son has been sick with what appears to be a stomach flu for the past couple of days. The good part of this is he hasn't been drinking ;) Friday night he asked me about Benadryl as he recalled getting it while inpatient September 2013 and that it helped him with sleep and I guess withdrawal. Saturday I remembered that I had some from when my hubby had an allergic reaction so he I gave him some. It seemed to help with his withdrawal/cravings for alcohol however it didn't help with the stomach flu that he was about to have symptoms of. Saturday and Sunday he had a low grade fever, nausea and diarrhea.

Several times he spoke about going to the hospital because he 'felt like he was dying'. Yes being sick can feel like that ;) We kept an eye on his temperature and I made him toast, tea... I don't know if I can explain what it feels like to be able to parent a 'normal' sickness. Easy. Comforting. No second guessing myself. As long as the Tylenol was keeping his fever down and it didn't go over 100. As long as he was hydrated. Pepto for the nausea and diarrhea. Got this! Easy...

He is much better today and no fever since Saturday night. He got some extra attention. I spent a little more time rubbing his back which he has been asking me to do lately, as well as scratching his head ;) Saturday night we watched TV with his head in my lap. I have been somewhat bemused at myself that my son being sick has felt... I don't know what word to use. Good? Normal?

Saturday hubby and my son got their hair cut. My son needed it and I had been bringing it up for a bit. He looks so much better. Next we need to tackle his beard. He wants a long beard. That's fine if one keeps them clean...

So, knock on wood, my son hasn't drank since Tuesday. He was on his way out to the liquor store Saturday when I told him that hubby and I were going shopping for things for the backyard and if he was drinking he couldn't come. His choice. He decided to come and that is when we thought we would try the Benadryl to help with withdrawal and cravings. He ended up having to come home after the haircut and he didn't go back out like I thought he was going to.

Hubby and I did get a barbecue and a patio set. That took two trips to Walmart and my goodness the line ups... Easter weekend. I was thinking about getting a fire pit but we can't as they aren't allowed where we live.

Talked to my daughter for a bit. Poor girl... Life just keeps throwing her curve balls. She is another story that I will probably delve into one day. 'A bag of worms' I'm not willing to open yet ;)

I think I have good news... I'm trying to stay hopeful and not let negative thinking that 'It sounds to good to be true' get in the way. I have a job... It's work from home and the pay is pretty good. I'm waiting on the employment contract to hopefully make some things a little more clearer as some things are not making sense to me. Granted I have not worked this type of job before so I have no idea what is considered normal or appropriate. Part of it is collecting payments from customers which is fine however it seems they want me personally to collect then remit to the company. I don't know...

I got the go ahead to take my son completely off his Celexa so he has been off it since Wednesday. Considering everything he is doing good.

Sadly I'm beginning to feel like I just may be getting my son's stomach flu.


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