Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hospitals - Good or Bad, Pat Deegan PhD

If you read my last post... I guess I jinxed it! My son has started saying no taking a multi-vitamin. So much for knocking on wood ;) I will keep trying of course!

His case worker was here this morning with some paper work to sign. One was giving them access to help take care of his medications for him by switching pharmacies to the one they use. That way they can be more on top of them and deliver them to him.

She also had paperwork for some group homes and other types of housing. I knew this was coming and I've been somewhat at war with myself on which way to go. I certainly don't want my son and I butting heads as we have in the past and I do believe that he needs to eventually make this step however I decided that for right now, he is not ready. The group home will have expectations that I don't think he can meet right now. The better one will expect him to participate in activities outside of the home during the day which will be great when he reaches the point of being able to go to school or work but right now it will be too much for him. Other housing types involve shared living which I'm sure my son would think is great until it comes time for him to do his share of the chores etc ;) Again something that needs to happen but not while he is still getting his feet back under him. I let him know that for now we are putting this on hold and he was in agreement.

He asked me something either last night or the night before about going to the hospital. First he said he wanted to go for a check up and I let him know that I could arrange this with the family doctor if he feels that he needs one and he said yes. I haven't arranged it as upon further discussion this is not what he meant. He wanted to go and just be there for a couple of days to rest. It's sad that our health care system is so overburdened that the opportunity for someone to check themselves 'for a rest' is not really an option. I reminded him that it doesn't work that way and that he usually ends up in emergency for days until a bed opens up which is not where he wants to be. If that option was available though I would have gladly taken him. I'm actually happy that he considers this to be an option. I remember him telling me after his hospitalization here in September 2013 that he would like to come back and 'visit for a rest' sometime. I don't know what his future holds however hospitals are probably going to be a part of the rest of his life and he needs to feel like they are a safe place to go when needed.

This question got me thinking. I know that on the outside looking in that the conditions one finds oneself while inpatient is not usually ideal. You aren't checking into a 5 star hotel. It's more like a bottom of the line fast food chain... However when you are hungry and it is taking care of your needs then even a fast food chain has it's purposes. Sometimes the good out-ways the bad. I remember when my daughter was in the hospital for back surgery... For days she went through agony because the nursing staff seriously didn't have a clue. Certainly not ideal however it was still the best place for her. Like I said this question got me thinking. There is a lady named Patricia Deegan who has a PhD in psychology and is a researcher. She is also diagnosed with schizophrenia. While watching one of her videos she said something that stuck with me. It was along the lines of not just taking medications or just going to the hospital but using medications and using the hospital. I don't know why but this spoke volumes to me of taking an active, not passive approach to treatment. Of using what is available to ones benefit. Granted my son is far from this, yet, however the hospital needs to feel like a safe place for him and I'm glad that it does.

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