Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's almost Christmas!

I was going to start this post with a rant about my hubby :) but I decided to shorten it to just the below conversation...

Hubby called to ask what kind of hash-browns, the kind for breakfast? Yes. Turkey sausages for breakfast? Yes. I'm thinking: No I didn't spell it out on the 4 item list I gave him because what else could I possibly want hash-browns and sausages for?

We have made it through the weekend and now it's almost Christmas!

I have been managing to get my son to take the Olanzapine at night instead of during the day so that he doesn't have to deal with how it makes him feel ill and depressed because he is sleeping through it. It does mean that he is getting more antipsychotics into his system so that is a good thing. The 5-HTP seems to be helping a lot with his mood and he hasn't complained about being depressed since Saturday. I have also started giving him Melatonin at night which he says is helping him to go to sleep.

My son's case worker is supposed to be dropping by today. Something about the paperwork he previously signed having to be typed out and signed again... As far as I know his treatment team was supposed to have met yesterday to discuss his case and medications. Hopefully she will have some good news or at least news that I can understand and go with regarding his medications.

My son is anxiously waiting until he can open his presents! He has talked us into opening them tonight Christmas Eve which is ok with me. I know that for a lot of places it is tradition to this. He is anxious... or excited because there is one gift that I got him that he really wants. A tobacco pipe. Since I'm not agreeing to his requests for marijuana than tobacco is one addiction that I see little harm in him indulging for now. I'm not sure what the lady's at the smoke shop thought of my reasoning that a 20 year old with a tobacco pipe is better then a 20 year old with marijuana. Haha! Really it's not something that could even be explained to someone who does not deal with mental illness and addiction on a daily basis. I know that it helps him and if it brings him enjoyment then I'm ok with it. I told her that he loves tobacco and he wanted a type of tobacco that was full of flavor. No not flavored, full of flavor! I purposely left him home and left while he was sleeping when I went to get these items. My son in a smoke shop! That would have been a lengthy visit. Plus I wanted it to be a surprise for what it looks like. We got home and right away he is asking if we got it. I said yes but teased him that I had expressed posted it to Santa so he could drop it off Christmas Eve. I would have to say the look on my son's face was pretty priceless. I'm not sure what he thinks of me talking about Santa as if he really exists! What can I say... I believe in Santa! :) Out of the blue though I did get a really big hug as he was so happy that I got it. A genuine hug that I felt with my heart! He has been not so patiently waiting to open it ever since. Is it wrapped? Is it under the tree? Can I look at it?

My son is experiencing voices or auditory hallucinations of some sort. They don't appear to be visual as he doesn't seem to be looking, just listening. Some days he agrees they are there and other days like today says they are not. I think denying them today may be because he knows his case worker is coming. I'm not saying much about them other then to point out that he needs to ignore them when he is walking around so that he can pay attention to what he is doing. They don't seem to be negative in nature right now so I'm going to try not to worry about them too much.

Overall my son seems to be doing pretty good. He is playing on his computer right now. It's a bit off and on as he doesn't seem to be able to stay on for long periods. Before June he could play for hours but now it's usually for 10-45 minutes at a time. He is sleeping at night and getting up on his own during the day. Some mornings not til 10:30 but this morning was up shortly after 6. He is eating good and some days will ask for what he would like for dinner. He is back to saying thanx for dinner. In fact the other day commented that he is going to start saying thank you instead of thanx. Hubby always tells me thank you for dinner. He is picking up after himself more with little prompting from me. One day we also went to the movies so I left him with a load of his laundry to do while we were gone out and to have a shower. He did both. This morning he offered and made my hubby a coffee! Hubby toke him with him to do some last minute shopping and some car stuff. I think it tired him out a bit as he decided to stay home and not go back out with hubby.

Randomly today my son walked up to me and gave me another heartfelt hug! I hugged him tight and then we went outside for a smoke. Had a short conversation about souls etc. He asked me if I was a real soul person? He also said my head was ticking and asked if I was a robot? I teased him that he might be hallucinating if he thinks my head is ticking. He agreed he might be :)

I know for some of my readers that Christmas day may already be here so I hope that you are having a wonderful day with your family and loved ones!


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