Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not adding up...

I did see my son on Tuesday. I arrived while he was on the phone, I was told that he was talking to his Grandmother. I'm not sure what I was expecting to find but physically he actually looked like he is doing okay. He has showered and he has been sleeping and eating as the shelter does provide meals. He has been taking his Clozapine and Lithium. My son's eyes seem to tell his story better then anything else and he looked more stable then the last time I saw him.

I have tried to piece together what happened on Monday however very little of it is making any sense to anyone. Before my son called me to tell me that he had been mugged, I was unaware that this happened. To my knowledge he had tried to buy $500 worth of drugs and they didn't return with the drugs so he went to the police. Somewhere in there he took them for Chinese food... I really don't know how that detail fits in. My son called me after I blogged on Tuesday to tell me that he had been mugged and only had $11 left in his bank account. I tried to ask him what happened. He said that he 'got lured in' yet when I asked him how they lured him in he couldn't tell me just that they did. I'm guessing that he willingly went with them as he was trying to purchase marijuana and cocaine. The cocaine according to him is because he wanted to try it. I guess I wasn't sympathetic enough as I told him I wouldn't be giving him any money so he got mad and hung up on me.

My husband came home early due to rain so we had an early dinner then headed to the shelter. I thought my son would like to have his search-a-word book and a notebook and some pens as well as some cigarettes. He didn't want the books. I gave him one pack of cigarettes and gave the shelter another 3 packs and asked them to only give him one pack a day. Since he was able to go to the bank, get a new bank card and find out how much money he had that meant that he had his ID still which I know that he kept in his fanny pack that got stolen. He says that he asked for his ID back and one of the muggers was nice enough to give it back. I don't disbelieve this however it's hard to imagine. The staff have been having problems communicating with my son as it takes him awhile to understand and respond so it's hard to believe that he was thinking clearly enough during a mugging to ask for his ID but it is possible. He also apparently voluntarily (without them asking for it) gave them his pin number for his bank card. He says that he got hit in the neck. There are no bruises, red marks, nothing to indicate that he had been hit. I did look. He got away and ran to a pay phone and called the police. I'm not sure how no one knew to tell me that it was a mugging when I first found out about it.

My son told me he got robbed of $700. That he was trying to buy marijuana and cocaine although he hadn't planned on spending all of his money on drugs since he wanted to purchase some luxury items. I quietly stated: I barely had money for rent yet you want to buy luxury items? He laughed it off. He thinks that disability is going to reimburse him and he seems to also think that they are going to continue to hand him money for board and lodgings when he isn't paying for it. I didn't bother going any further into that conversation. We did ask him what he planned on doing with that much drugs since he can't take it into the shelter, they do searches. He had a spot picked out, outside, to hide it. Nice to know he is planning ahead for something :)

The shelter asked if I could help with getting his cell phone disconnected since it was taken too and we don't need whoever has it running up a bill in his name. We took him to the mall where he got it. He said that he got it through Rogers but he actually got it through Koodo. The couldn't help him at the mall stating that he needed to call them. So we went back to the shelter to get his paperwork for the phone. He had thrown it out so at this point he didn't know who the provider was, the account number and probably doesn't even know the number. The following morning I called Koodo and was able to confirm the account but couldn't do anything since I'm not on the account and didn't have the pin that he would have created when setting up the account. I called the shelter with the number for Koodo customer support, his cell phone number and explained that he could suspend the service, no charge, with the information from his ID if they could help him do this. I just tried calling the number and got a message that this number is not equipped to receive incoming calls so hopefully they got him to suspend the account. Considering the fact that my hubby and I are currently stuck not being able to move due to his bad credit report. One of them being an unpaid cell phone with the same service provider... I do know that it can have an impact on my son's future if it's not taken care of.

I haven't heard from his case worker from PACT since Tuesday although at this point I don't know how much help she can be as my son is refusing to sign a release for the shelter to talk to her. He doesn't want anything to do with PACT even though it's their psychiatrist that is prescribing him his medications and it's PACT that has arranged for his Clozapine to be paid for by the manufacturer because disability still hasn't agreed to cover it. It's also PACT that picks it up for him and delivers it to him now. I will have to confirm with the shelter but he should have enough for another couple of weeks and he should be ok with his Lithium as well. My hands are somewhat tied with Ready4Life as he refused to sign a release giving them permission to talk to me. So I don't know what is happening with his applications for the two group homes. When his case worker calls me I'm going to try to find out if we can get him moved from that shelter into one in a better neighborhood. The one we wanted didn't have a bed last week but maybe that has changed. Depending on how defiant he wants to be he is making it hard for anyone to assist him.

He seemed ok when we left him on Tuesday. Didn't seem concerned about anything. I hugged him good-bye. I might as well have been hugging a board. No emotion what so ever...


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