Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feels like A Hollow Victory

September 1, 2013 was the last time my son was involuntarily admitted to hospital for three weeks for psychosis. One year! That's the longest he has gone since diagnoses in 2011. The significance of this is... Hollow. Do I smile or do I cry? Perhaps a little of both since I'm probably the only one aware of him even reaching this milestone. I told his nurse the other day that this was approaching and her response was less then enthusiastic. So as I smile through my tears I wanted to share this with you... As hollow as it... September 1st did not pass unnoticed, at least not for me.

I don't have to much to report on my son. I haven't talked to him since Saturday. I have tried to call his cell phone several times but it is turned off. I have been in contact with the shelter and am extremely thankful that he did sign the release letting them talk to me or I would be in the dark right now. At this point there has been no communication between PACT and the shelter but I'm hoping this will change over the next couple of days. I did talk to his case worker today and filled her in on what has been happening and where he is. I have talked to the shelter today. I guess there is a lot of connecting that needs to happen between PACT, Ready4Life and the shelter and the services that they have available for my son, IF he wants to take advantage of them. That is the big question at this point. How far is my son willing to go before he is willing to see that there is a problem and that he needs help.

I was asked if I was willing to be involved in family mediation. Yes I am however not under the current circumstances. Until my son is stable and able to see past his own defiance and delusional thinking where I'm concerned I don't see it doing much good but I am available if he wants it. He doesn't want my help, he wants me to let him act like a 10 year old (if that) while treating him like an adult which for him means letting him do whatever he wants, whenever he wants with no consequences to turning my home into a flop house.

There is also some concern about his exposure to drugs. Considering the 2 grams of marijuana I recently got rid of, my son will seek drugs no matter where he is if he wants it and if he has the money to do so. I received a phone call from the police in the area that he is in yesterday. He didn't know the name of the shelter he was staying at so that is why they called me. It appears he tried to buy drugs and the person he gave the money too didn't come back with the drugs so he went to the police. Somewhat amusing if it wasn't so sad. Really, who goes to the police with that? My son apparently. There is also the risk of exposure to other drugs. I cannot be responsible for these choices.

It doesn't appear that there is to much that I can do about the disability money. I think most of it went to this drug dealer so it's kind of a mood point right now. We may have to look into a trustee being appointed as he obviously can't manage his own finances.

Hubby just got home from work as they got rained out so I'm off...


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