Friday, February 6, 2015

Is there something wrong with....? Misophonia.

In my last blog post I spoke about my concern that my son may not be on the right or right dose of medications. I didn't speak about his vaporizer. I know that when he chews snuff or chewing tobacco that this seems to trigger his symptoms somewhat. Nicotine stimulates dopamine which as we know can cause/contribute to psychosis. The E-liquid that my son is currently smoking is non-nicotine. Does that mean that it isn't stimulating the pleasure/reward (dopamine) parts of his brain? I think that it is.

Saturday he used his vaporizer a lot. So this may be what is contributing to my son's current hiccup in experiencing voices and/or symptoms. The amount of medications that he is on may or may not be enough depending on what he is doing to counteract what the medications are trying to do. Still I have to remind myself that it has only been three months since he 'broke his brain' in a manner of speaking. It takes time to heal and as I said to his Nana: He is limping. :)

He still has voices... Not to hard to tell that he is 'listening' as he responds to either his voices or thoughts by laughing out loud and sometimes he is way to content to just lie there with a big smile on his face. They are entertaining ;)

The last couple of nights he has started to slip a bit and is staying up late again and therefor sleeping in. This morning I refused to go in and turn off his cell phone alarm that is set for 10 AM. He finally got up and turned it off at 10:45...

A little add in about myself... I think I may have Misophonia. Also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome. Basically hatred of sound(s). Thankfully I don' t have it to the extend of outside heavy machinery bothering me... Not usually anyways. However the irrational anger at certain types of noises that I consider to be unnecessary like wheezing, chewing and other mouth noises including grunting and groaning to name a few. I can honestly say they make me want to.... So yah! I actually brought it up to my hubby's doctor yesterday if he had heard of it. Yes he has. Treatment can be CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. I do use this to a certain degree as so far I have not physically lashed out at my hubby (and sometimes my son), even though there are times I want to hurt them, because I love them and know they aren't doing it on purpose. There have been several times sitting between them when I felt like losing it. Hubby grunting, groaning and crumpling things and my son wheezing... Fun times!

So back to the alarm going off for 45 minutes... Yes it was driving me crazy. He got up and came out and went back to sleep on the sofa. We all know how much I'm against that... however I didn't say anything even with his snoring! 1:20 PM I tell him he needs to get up and do something... anything. His response was: Is there something wrong with me just lying here? And do what?

Right or wrong has nothing to do with it. He is slowly getting his nights and days messed up again and spending that much time just lying there in his own 'head space' is not good for him. As for doing what... I don't care what. Play a game, watch his tablet, do laundry, tidy his room... I told him I was going out for a cigarette and I wanted him up by the time I came back. He was heading out for a smoke when I came back in!

He was playing a game for bit. Star Wars... Which he can play for free! Remind me of this the next time he asks me to pay for it so he can have better items. Now his room is quiet.

He did do the dishes on Wednesday. He commented that we should be doing them every day. I do... Shows how much he pays attention. I don't have a dishwasher and only one sink so letting dishes pile up for days is not an option. It was actually a nice feeling. Him doing the dishes, me making a loaf of bread and us just being together doing 'normal' stuff.

Yesterday he came with hubby and I for hubby's doctors appointment. It was a good opportunity to get him in clean track pants and have him do some basic hygiene. We went to Burger King (fast food restaurant) for dinner. I don't mind missing cooking sometimes...

I have a new disorder to learn a bit about! Aspergers. I think hubby is... and his doctor thinks I may be right. There are things that ADHD just doesn't cover and a lot of the Aspergers traits seems to be what I'm seeing. I assured hubby that I wasn't looking to have him on another medication. I wanted his doctor to give us some good resources or reading material like his other two books. He will in the future. For right  now we are keeping things as they are with his two medications as decreasing the Ciprelax hasn't been easy on him. I assured his doctor, despite hubby's complaints, that he was doing awesome! I have been impressed! I guess I need to tell hubby that. Hubby and doctor where happy to hear it. ;)

I almost forget to mention disability. In case you follow me on Twitter and saw my murphy's law comment. That letter I previously mentioned that his case worker had received from his old disability office... had incorrect dates/facts on it. It stated that his file was opened January 2013 and closed December 2014. No mention of the dates in between where it had been closed and re-opened. So yes they are looking into processing his file HOWEVER the payments that he received out here from August to September 2014 are now considered an over-payment as he was according to this letter receiving income assistance out there and you can't 'double dip'. Peachy isn't it?

I of course called BC disability... Sat on hold for well over 20 minutes and no surprise got disconnected like I always do. Called his case worker at PACT and left her a message stating the issue.

Just waiting to confirm if we can book the moving truck and if we can then we are moving on the 21st! Yes!


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  1. Barbie,
    You may have misophonia, OR, it could just be hormones... As women approach or reach menopause (I have no idea about your age), women become more sensitive to sounds. What you are experiencing could be misophonia, or hormones, or a combo. Yeah! It's great! Best of luck to you. And in good health,

  2. I'm 42 so yes it could be a combo. Thank you for taking the time to comment.