Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Yes my boy is home again...

Last night he called asking to come home. Earlier in the day I had spoken to his case worker from PACT about bringing him home so when he called I went with it. I agreed under the conditions that he participate with ADAPT for drug treatment and that we have to get the money thing straightened out with disability. Shortly after the shelter called to confirm what my son was saying about me picking him up. It turns out the lady at the shelter had given him a 'talking to' about what he was doing and how living with mom seemed like the best option for him.

When we picked him up and got into the car my son commented that one good thing came from him being at the shelter and that was realizing that living with me was the best place for him. Hubby and I just replied that we were glad something good came out of it. I'm thinking this was a reflection of what the shelter lady had said to him...

He did receive a payment from disability on Friday. This was concerning a lot of us as my son doesn't understand that people can take advantage of him for his money and if left for too long he could get himself into some serious trouble. He did buy an iPod yesterday and today hubby and I took him for cigarettes and to buy some stuff for his room. He paid for a TV and part of a futon while I paid for a computer chair in exchange for his tablet. Hopefully this will help cure him of sleeping on the sofa since he now has one in his room.

The first thing I had him do last night was have a shower. Today he put the corduroys back on and I told him to change ;) Last night he feel asleep on the sofa... I woke him up at 1 to go to bed and he ended up being awake all night. Hopefully he will sleep good tonight. I told him last night that he is not on enough antipsychotics and that I can see the psychosis on his face. He seems to have a lot of voices so I will see about making the Olanzapine a nightly medication. The Invega is good for other things but doesn't seem to touch the voices. He is now on an antidepressant, Citalopram/Celexa which he says helps him.

He seems happy to be home. He likes the new place. I'm happy he is home. I didn't realize how much I missed hearing: Mom... He also bought a new computer game today that I can hear him playing.

Me, I'm feeling somewhat dragged out. I think it's the Venlafaxine. I noticed today when we were out driving I was able to NOT comment on my hubby's minor 'road rage' which I usually can't resist doing so I'm guessing that's the Venlafaxine working. Hubby has been great today about driving my son around and helping to set it up stuff. Let me just say that futons are a biatch to set up!

Hubby had to go move some snow so I think I'm going to figure out the tablet and doing some reading on the Kindle app.


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