Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's just me and you... and your voices.

I'm not usually blogging this time of night however hubby just left to go back out snow plowing for the night. I think they are calling for up to 12-25 cm depending on where you live. Where we live 25 cm but where he is plowing 12 cm. My son asked where my hubby was and I told him and then said: So it's just me and you... and your voices.

I'm not sure why they are prominent today but they are. I wasn't really paying attention as I have been wrapped up in things on the internet however after several hours of no gaming (or much else) noises I realized that my son has been quiet today. Except for the odd laughing here and there. I went and checked on him and he was just sitting there looking at his computer screen, doing nothing. It's been like that most of the day.

I don't ask him if he has voices because I know he will most likely say no. I did comment on them being there and his response was that he has been raising entities to be elders (adults) because he is an adult and knows how to teach them. I kept it light and said that I'm glad it's happening in his head because I don't think we need more people thinking they are adults when they aren't. :) Yes it is... scary isn't the right word... concerning, that he is raising entities in his mind.

I'm guessing they started last night as he went to sleep with his light on which I'm learning may be an indication of things going on in his head. I turned it off when I checked on him around 4 AM. He is taking his Invega so I'm hoping it's just a little hiccup.

I do know that a lot of nicotine seems to trigger his psychosis some however he hasn't been smoking very much which is another sign that he is in his own head space. He has been smoking his vaporizer but he has been using an E-liquid that doesn't have nicotine. We did take him yesterday to the vapor store and hubby and I relaxed while he sat and tried a lot of different ones.

He finally did a load of laundry today and even remembered when to put it in the dryer and when to go get it when it was done. I folded it and put it away.

I had a little fun yesterday putting this together: 1st Edition Barbie's Coffee Time. I got the idea from the vapor store. I have seen similar in other small restaurants etc. I tried to get one from online however they don't distribute online. So I went hunting for a template to make a version of my own minus all the advertising.

My son was lying down in bed but just got up to go for a smoke. Hopefully he will take his Invega and a Melatonin (maybe even an Olanzapine or Trazodone) soon and go to sleep. That way I can take a sleeping pill. Since hubby isn't home it would be a great night for me to try and get a solid couple of hours sleep. I guess due to the snow hubby doesn't have to work his normal job tomorrow which is good. Snow plowing all night then working all day is hard on him.

I'm off to read in bed for a bit...

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