Friday, January 30, 2015

Canada Eh!

First I would like to talk about #BellLetsTalk day that was on January 28. I feel so privileged and proud to have been a part of this by joining in on Twitter and Facebook.

This year with over 120 million interactions Bell is donating over $6 million to mental health initiatives! Since 2010 they have donated over $67 million! Go Canada Eh!

Bell Let's Talk

There was a couple of articles criticizing the hashtag (#) and certain peoples involvement. Statements implying that a hashtag isn't going too.... Maybe those criticizing don't have a loved one suffering from a mental illness? Every tweet, every share, every conversation that may have been started that could pave the way to someone reaching out to get help... Honestly I'm not even remotely savvy today's lingo and I had to explain to my hubby what a hashtag was ;). BUT on January 28 I can tell you that #BellLetsTalk meant the world to me.

Also that night I watched Clara's Big Ride on CTV. Clara Hughes biked across Canada to raise mental health awareness. I cried watching it. I sat there thinking why am I being so emotional? Because it was so close to home and my heart what she was/is trying to accomplish. What Bell is trying to accomplish. My son said to me: Can we turn this off? He doesn't like to watch these types of programs and usually asks me to turn them off or leaves the room. My reply was: Hun I don't know if you are aware of who Clara Hughes is but she rode across Canada on her bicycle for mental health awareness so that people can feel more comfortable talking about it and getting help. She did this for you. He said: Oh. He didn't really watch it but he didn't leave the room either...

Since I'm basking in Canadian pride right now :) This is a mental health awareness video filmed in Newfoundland & Labrador where I grew up. You are not alone

Yesterday my older sister took me and my son to a vapor shop. My son goes through phases of wanting to vape (to inhale vapor from a E-cigarette or vaporizer). It wasn't the best day to go as the weather was iffy, calling for a lot of snow causing my sister to be uneasy about getting back home quickly.

My son however cannot be rushed on pretty much anything right now and certainly not regarding something that he has a passion for. We didn't stay nearly as long as he would have liked. Sadly he ended up getting an E-liquid that he is not all that happy with. I think hubby and I well end up taking him back there this weekend so that he can spend some time enjoying the experience and picking out an E-liquid that he will hopefully like after we leave ;)

My son is still recovering from his last break which was only three months ago. I know that he doesn't look sick. He doesn't look like a part of him is broken but his brain was broken in October and like any break it takes time to heal. Earlier in the week he asked how to use his debit visa bank card as a visa as he couldn't remember how. He used to use it as a visa all the time.

I watched this video this morning: NAMI PBC 2014 Annual Luncheon with Randye Kaye

I plan on getting a copy of her book: Ben Behind His Voices

I didn't get my son to do his cleaning chore today. There was a possibility that perspective tenants would be coming by to see the apartment today so I cleaned the whole bathroom ;)

He did ask for help making a sandwich the other day and I said no but I would help him and I told him what he needed to do in steps. He did it! I joked with him on taking a picture of him doing it. He may not pick up after himself right away however I'm finding that IF I don't do it then he does eventually do it himself at least with food stuff and garbage. Every now and than I'm taking handfuls of items like notebooks and technology back into his room. He still needs to do his laundry. I keep reminding him but so far no luck. He is playing games on his computer today though! And he has been watching shows on his tablet.

He has been sleeping good. Really good actually. Sometimes he goes to bed when hubby and I go to bed which is anytime after 8 PM as we watch TV in bed. He has been sleeping most of the night through and getting about 12-13 hours. I'm guessing/hoping that his brain is healing and that is why so much sleep because he is not on high doses of medications that would usually cause this.

Last night he actually took an Olanzapine as he asked where his Trazodone was and I suggested the Olanzapine might work better. The other night I had him help me fill up his pill case and I took out the Trazodone since he wasn't taking them. Now his pill case is on the back of his bed and he has remembered on his own to take them the last two nights.

Time for me to go and start making dinner. Spaghetti tonight!


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