Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm bored. Can I go to sleep now?

Things have been quiet since Tuesday. My son's Nvidia Shield Portable gaming system arrived yesterday morning. It's a birthday present his dad and I split on. He was surprised and happy that it arrived so quickly as I had been cautioning him that it would take time for it to reach us. Once he asked if we could drive to some city in MN to pick up. Not realizing that MN was not a part of Canada but is a state in the USA.

He enjoyed the tablet that my sister dropped off for him for a little while. I think he already has the memory full since he was asking about a memory card two nights ago. I noticed this on his cell phone too that the memory is almost full of downloaded games and apps that he just doesn't use or play.

When the Nvidia system arrived I remember thinking to myself: How long until he starts asking about money so that he can buy games for it even though there are lots of free ones that he could download. I was thinking it would take a couple of hours but it only took about thirty  minutes. I nicely said no to giving him money, that he will have to wait and reminded him that no matter how many games he pays for he usually ends up back playing the free ones like MapleStory, RuneScape and I think Minecraft are some of them.

As of last night or this morning he said that he had downloaded about twelve games, only played two?

Today he is bored... He has a top of the line gaming laptop to use, a tablet and now the Nvidia gaming system and he is bored. I think we are finding ourselves in that in-between stage. His positive schizophrenia symptoms are not entertaining him anymore as they must be pretty much gone. I haven't seen/heard him laughing for no reason at voices or thoughts like he was. I think it's good that he is bored as in my eyes it's an indication of his mind being quieter. I asked him today if he was feeling ok as it's fairly easy to tell that he is experiencing something. He is lethargic or sluggish. Tired, slow and inactive. He just knows that he is 'bored' and doesn't want to play his games. I explained to him that this could be negative symptoms of schizophrenia. He asked if negative was like hearing voices? No. Positive and negative mean more and less not good and bad. If it's something more then someone like me would experience then it's positive, like hearing voices. Not being motivated to do things that we enjoy is a negative as it takes away. At this point he asked if he could go to sleep now?

I know that he is taking his medication however I know this because I have been reminding him to take them for the past two nights. Two days ago he asked about sleeping on the sofa as he wanted to get a good nights sleep. He is not getting good sleeps because he is not using the medications that he has available to help with quieting his mind at night. I reminded him that he has Trazodone, Olanzapine and Melatonin to help him go to sleep. If he used all of them he would be knocked out pretty good and get a really good nights sleep. That night he took Trazodone, Melatonin and perhaps an Olanzapine however did not take his Invega. I had to wake him to take it. He insisted that he had taken it however his Invega is being brought to him in blister packs as free samples right now and none of the blisters had been opened so he couldn't have taken one. I did get him to take it. I don't know if he got confused between the Olanzapine and the Invega or was just confused since I did wake him. Maybe I should go back to counting pills? When I woke him up he was covered in sweat. This may be from taking two Melatonin which can cause vivid dreams without taking the Invega. Really I don't know...

Last night I only gave him one Melatonin. It was 11:30 or 12 when I went in his room and he was in bed yet hadn't taken any of his medications. He said he was going to... Then asked me to get them for him which I did. 12:45 he was out for a smoke, banging around. I'm not sure what to do about this late night stuff as he is keeping everyone awake and it's not good for him either. He did get up by 10 this morning which is good but now he is in bed...

Due to the excessive sweating two nights ago he is in need of a shower again. He also needs to finish doing his laundry. He knows that he needs to have a shower and says that he wants too...

He is eating good so that's a plus. Speaking of food... I decided to start another blog! BarbieBF's Kitchen. Don't judge it (or shake your head at me ;)) as it's a mess and I'm still not to sure how I want it set up. My goal, I think, is to try to condense what research I have done on nutrition, diet, supplements and mental illness. To perhaps help others to try to put together meals that can hopefully minimize some of the symptoms of schizophrenia as well as keeping ourselves, the caregivers, healthy and strong. Also easy meals that don't require a lot of prepping as I know a lot of caregivers are not just working in the home but outside the home as well. I have been kicking the idea around for a bit but it's just not coming together... Yet.

Still no news on disability. His worker was returning some of my calls but hasn't returned the last two! On another note my son is now in collections for I think $400 and $600 for the two cell phone accounts that he didn't pay. Mom what can I do about it? He can't pay them. Hopefully in about seven years he will be in a place that a credit score will matter. If not then at least I may have some security in knowing that another company shouldn't let him access anymore credit. He did receive a call yesterday that his application for housing was received.


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