Monday, March 2, 2015

Breakfast with voices

Sunday we decided to go out for breakfast. It was me, my hubby, my son and his voices. They were entertaining my son and moderately irritating me. Not in an upsetting way however I did at one point ask my son if he could do me a favor and tell them to go away for a minute as they were pissing off mom ;) I think the waitress had come by our table 3 times and we couldn't order because my son wouldn't stop listening to them long enough to read the menu. Perhaps my request did the trick as he finally paid attention to the menu and made a choice. Saturday when we took him to buy a TV he could barely pay attention to the cashier.

This morning or last night I asked him if he ever tried to ignore them as he will need to learn to do that so that he can interact with people while out in public. He stated that ignoring them would make them worse. I replied that the opposite is usually true. The more attention you give to them the worse they can be and he needs to learn to tell them to leave him alone sometimes. Thankfully they seem to be humorous at the moment although what my son tends to find humorous would probably freak me out ;)

Saturday night and last night he got about 12 hours sleep each night. He took his medications when hubby and I were going to bed. Both nights he took his Invega, Olanzapine and a Melatonin.

This morning I talked to him about his medications. Letting him know that I'm thinking we may need to look at Clozapine again, what did he think about that? He asked if that was a good idea. Well it's either that or we try Olanzapine twice a day as he really shouldn't be dealing with voices like this. He agreed to Olanzapine twice a day. Today he seems a lot more clear eyed and his face doesn't have that combination high/overtired look that I see as psychosis.

I think he finally has his room set up. Mom I need something else for my TV as the dresser is too high. Mom I want a table to put my stuff on. He wanted to use cardboard boxes that I explained wouldn't hold the weight. I had a night stand that won't fit in our room so we put that in his room for the TV. Then I took the draws out of and the legs off of the dresser and laid it flat for a table, putting a table cloth on it. So now he has Netflix and an hdmi cord and can watch TV in his room. He still wants me to get him cable for his room... hmm not likely. Hubby and I don't even have cable in our room as we are trying to keep the bills lower not higher. Besides between Netflix and downloading what could he possibly watch on basic cable?

After breakfast yesterday we brought him back home as he was to tired to go grocery shopping. I did get him a new hoodie and 2 pairs of track pants since his last 2 pairs shrunk. I kept them for around the house since my legs are shorter. Oh... I can say house now instead of apartment ;)

I talked to his case worker from PACT today and let her know what happened. She will follow up and try to get a hold of ADAPT to set something up. Of course my son hesitated this morning when I brought this up. He is so easy to agree to things when he is getting what he wants then.... I reminded him that he agreed and that it is expected.

Next thing is contacting disability. I guess getting my son to call is the best option since his worker hasn't returned my last 6? phone calls. Hopefully I will tackle that tomorrow. Today I actually spend most of the day cleaning and organizing some stuff. Now hubby is on his way home from work so I should start dinner. Steak, baked potatoes and salad. Yum!


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