Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting back on track.

I don't have much to blog about today which is a good thing :)

I wanted to take the time to note the positives that I have been seeing over the last couple of days with my son. His mood is a lot more stable. Two days ago he wanted a new pen. Actually he wanted two of them but Staples only had the one in stock. When my son is recovering he takes an interest in pens and notebooks as he likes to write, draw or doodle what he is thinking about. I consider this a good sign that he is able to get his thoughts organized enough to try to get them out onto paper. Yesterday he wanted a couple more small notebooks and a day planner. While looking for the 'right' notebook he joked with me that this was his OCD. He liked the idea of a day planner as he would like to start being organized. To borrow one of his phrases 'I'm down with that.' I have tried to help him be prepared for appointments etc by putting calendar pages on his wall however he rarely looked at them. Hopefully this approach will help since it is his idea. I don't think he realizes how much his ODD can cause him to turn his back on things that I do just because... well because it's ODD ;) I have noticed that his manners are coming back. He is back to saying thank you for dinner and the other things that I have been getting him. When he is asking for things he is polite about it and accepts when the answer is no. He has asked a couple of times for his disability money early. Although the first time was for money to 'party' with his sister before she left so saying no to that one was easy. Instead we all went to a park so that they could spend time together outdoors. They had fun feeding this chipmunk. Cute little guy!

Yesterday it was to buy a game subscription to World of Warcraft. Sorry mom is broke right now. And I am! 'How can you be so broke?' All those little things add up plus the road trip out west, new motor etc. He graciously accepted me saying no. He spent some time with hubby and I watching our TV shows and doodling in his new day planner.

Last night when I got his pills ready for him it was with the Invega instead of the Risperidone. I gave him the pharmacy printout of what the medication is for and so that he could look it up online by it's generic name Paliperidone. I pointed out its uses: used to treat mental/mood disorders and help you to think more clearly and positively about yourself, feel less agitated, and take a more active part in everyday life. One of the first things he saw when looking it up was that it was used to treat depression and I think he was happy about that. I'm not sure what time he went to bed although I know it was after 2 but when I got up this morning he awoke from sleeping on the sofa stating that he had had the best night sleep. I suggested he could use more sleep still and he did go back to bed. Now I'm trying to get him up as his nurse is supposed to be here any minute...

His nurse just left. Some discussion about the Invega. So far he hasn't noticed anything different, not noticing anything bad I think is a good thing. Talked about his thoughts on moving out, getting his own place and the type of place he would be open to. He seems agreeable to the idea of sharing a house with others as really his options are limited at the moment with his current income or lack thereof. Talked a little about schooling or getting a job and what the best thing for him would be. Schooling can be put off for a little bit however it will need to be looked at again. Hopefully once/if the Invega works as I'm hoping it will. His nurse let him know that she will continue to be his main nurse but that the family support worker I met with will soon be his main case worker.

I've been trying to get myself re-organized. Sent an email to our insurance broker about the past two bounced payments. Noted on my calender upcoming bill due dates. Finances have gotten a little out of control and I need to get us back on track with that too. Reminded my son that we still need to get his blood work done so hopefully I can get him in the shower today as well.


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