Tuesday, July 29, 2014

up down down up... Any Elvis Presley fans?

"Baby, what you want me to do" is the title of the song.

We're goin' up, we're goin' down
We're goin' up, down down up
Any way you wanna let it roll
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You got me doin' what you want me
Oh baby what you want me to do

You got me peepin' you got me hidin'
You got me peep hide hide peep
Any way you wanna let it roll
Yeah yeah yeah
You got me doin what you want me
Baby what you want me to do

This was going through my head last night when I was trying to go to sleep. I actually did get to sleep after taking a Melatonin to be woken up by the police calling me at 11:08 PM. The arrangement was for after 7 PM and by 10 I figured it wasn't going to happen. Is it too late to drop by now? No I'm up. I sometimes wonder why I keep trying but I just can't find it in me to let my downstairs neighbor continue unchecked. They have received their second N5 notice or notice to terminate tenancy due to excess noise. Short story. Three officers showed up to inform me that me being yelled at, called an idiot, pervert, f'ing bitch, banging on walls and derogatory comments regarding me having sexual relations with my mentally retarded son do not meet the criteria or 'threshold' for them to press charges of harassment. Really what was I thinking?! I guess all I can do right now is cross my fingers that a hearing with the Landlord and Tenant Review Board happens soon and they decide that I have enough evidence to let management evict her and hopefully before winter months as apparently it's harder to evict then. Occurrence numbers from the police with warnings and a noise violation ticket that management says has to do with the police and not them. Audio recordings of her and her husband's verbal outbursts and banging that the police don't want to see. My motto on life right now is Grrrr!

Nana isn't doing to good. I won't say much about that here other then I really hope that she gets the help that she needs.

My son... up down down up... seems to be jest of it. We meet with the lady from Ready4Life yesterday. I'm guessing she has had her fair share of experience with some tough and stressful situations. At least I hope so and if not she handled the sometimes awkward moments very well. His ODD seemed to have been kicked into high gear. Took us about 5 minutes to get him to agree to putting me down as an emergency contact as he pretty much wanted anyone else or no one. First it was his dad who lives in a different province/state so that doesn't really work then it was the guy who lives across the hall (his friend's dad) but he didn't have his consent or even his knowledge that it was happening. Eventually he agreed to me however I am not allowed access to his file and they can't talk to me regarding it unless it is an emergency. Regardless of his ODD it was probably a good thing that I was there as I answered a lot of the questions for him since he couldn't. He didn't know the dates of his last two hospital admissions. He doesn't know the factual information on how far he made it in school. He didn't know his diagnoses included concurrent disorders or what that meant. He didn't know the name of his disability worker. You get the point. I asked questions regarding the level of help they can give him and they can help him get furnishings if needed and take him to the food bank if needed. They also have their own crisis line that he can use. They will look into some places for him that is room rentals where they share the rest of the house as that is all he can afford on his current income. His only concern seemed to be getting away from me. The person that got him up and took him to the appointment! Well my hubby did the driving and bought him his coffee.

This past weekend was a little tough and I ended up taking away his phone and internet privileges for two nights. Saturday night he decided to leave as he couldn't stay here under those conditions. He was back within about 10 minutes. Again I won't go into all the details but things have gotten way out of control and a lot of people are getting hurt. He of course was up most of the night and slept most of Sunday. Same Sunday night.

After the appointment with Ready4Life we all came home and talked. I'm fairly impressed with myself and my hubby as we managed to keep things calm and rational. It was difficult but I managed to not allow my son to turn our conversation into side arguments that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. As I said his ODD was in high gear. Statements like: I'm going to call disability and get everyone fired... We were discussing how much of his check I'm entitled to. We were also discussing what the payment covers and it isn't luxuries. He refused to look at the disability website and see the breakdown as of course he isn't going to believe what he reads on the internet! I did my best to ignore these statements and told him to go ahead. As of this payment I am insisting on receiving what I am supposed to get. How am I going to pay for entertainment? He can't have it both ways anymore. I am done with the bullshit and lies. Being accused of not treating him like an adult, being controlling and putting him through hell while he's acting like 5 year old who can't even find the garbage-can not alone take care of himself. I'm done giving and giving. Welcome to the adult world were money really doesn't grow on trees and when you don't have, you don't have it. I did agree to give him back phone and internet however it is a privilege and it can be taken away and he is not to contact his Nana right now. I filled him in on what is happening with her and why but didn't have a long conversation on it and he said he needed time to think through what is happening. I really hope that he does!

His defiance seems to have lost some steam so that's a good thing. Until later...


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