Thursday, July 10, 2014

I don't know why...?

This blog post will be a lot shorter then yesterdays :)

While looking up ways to deal with my itchy mosquito bites, since having a shower caused a lot of them to start itching at once, I discovered that the medicinal ingredient in AfterBite is baking soda. I have some of that in my cupboard! A combination of Benadryl and vinegar seems to have done the trick. For now anyways. I also came across a list of things not to do to discourage getting them... Below for fun.
Keep breathing
Run around
Sweat a lot
Stay warm
Dress in dark colors
Wear perfume or cologne
Use alpha hydroxy products
Don't change your socks
Drink beer and eat limburger cheese

I guess just plain old breathing does it for me. Aren't I lucky...

Managed to finally get my daughter up yesterday. 'Why didn't you wake me?' I can't say that I tried very hard but she got up and shortly thereafter went out to meet a friend. After supper my hubby took her driving again. Turns out she did stale the car, just didn't know that causing it to shut off meant she had staled it. Did better then the day before and hubby says she should be ready to leave the parking lot soon.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my son's random walks are usually about smoking weed. I had texted his friend yesterday to find out if my son had left there with weed or alcohol. Apparently I misunderstood the conversation as I only got from it that he had left with the vodka. Yesterday my daughter told me that when my son left to go on another walk around 12 or 1 the night before that when he returned he was stumbling. He finally got up around 5 PM yesterday and out he goes for another walk. At this point I texted his friend again to find out how my son got this much weed as this was obviously what he was doing and when my hubby came home from work he walked passed my son crouching in some trees with his pipe. Good thing a police officer didn't drive by! His friend tells me that he had brought a gram home but that he had no idea where he got it, that it wasn't much and only enough for 5 tokes. Hmm... It's not like my son has a network of dealers or even knows a lot of people where we live so his options are limited. So I Google what a gram looks like. That's some pretty big tokes!

So when my son finally came back in I met him at the door and told him to hand it over. He couldn't lie about it this time since he knew my hubby had seen him. Although he did try to tell my hubby that he was smoking tobacco out of the pipe. Good try! I sometimes wonder how stupid my son really thinks that we are or if it just doesn't matter to him. It's not like weed smells like tobacco and I have been smelling it in his room but couldn't find the source. So my son says that it is all gone now and that he lost his pipe while walking. I search his pockets anyways and find a nugget or bud, about .25 of gram. As for the pipe? I somehow doubt that he lost it and probably hid it somewhere outside but I guess I can always hope that on this he was telling the truth.

Last night was pretty much a repeat of the night before. He stayed up all night and went to sleep at 7:30 this morning. During one of me insomnia wake ups (It's back!) I reminded him about his pills and he asked me to get him a drink so that he could take them. He didn't. He finally took them after I got up this morning. At least I think he did. He is sleeping pretty soundly at the moment which usually indicates that he has taken them and I can't find any stashed.

His nurse called me back yesterday and I told her what has been happening and about 'his plotting to murder me'. She say him this morning shortly after 11. I pretty much had to insist that she see him today as she didn't want to see him if he was tired or sleeping which interferes with her interaction with him. This is how is right now and I didn't want him missing another appointment. She suggested sending someone else later in the day which I didn't go for as I didn't want someone who doesn't at least know him a little bit evaluating him. I sometimes wonder how many people, who do not have someone advocating for them, must slip through the cracks if this is the approach. I managed to get him up with a coffee and my daughter and I went into another room so that they could have some alone time. Granted I do try to eavesdrop a little bit but I only get the odd word here and there. It was a short visit which I find a little disturbing. Since I wasn't there to contradict or fill in the facts/truth I guess there was no need for a longer visit since my son is quit adapt at downplaying situations. I do know that she brought up his vent or plans to murder to me. I don't know how my son responded. I only heard him say 'I don't know why my mom told you about it.' I'm supposed to gloss over or ignore that my son discussed murdering me? I know I said in my previous post that I did my best to ignore the tension of his Nana wanting to 'strangle me' however I did have to resist the urge on several occasions to bluntly ask her if the plan was to do me in my sleep or would I see it coming? Apparently this has me somewhat upset. My bad.

I guess I will have to wait until I talk to his nurse again to find out what she thought or got from that short conversation. She had also mentioned yesterday the possibility of my son getting in to see his psychiatrist next week if needed. I'm wondering what constitutes need. He quickly went back to sleep after she left.

I was thinking about walking to the bank. Still thinking about it :) My daughter has a bit of a stomach ache and is still in bed whining a little and I guess arguing with her boyfriend on the phone. We have plans to go camping this weekend so I need to make a list on what food to get or bring as well as some camping supplies that we still haven't gotten yet. My hubby wants to bring his air mattress so we will have to get one for the kids as well. Originally the forecast was calling for rain but it appears now that it is going to hold off until Sunday.

Perhaps I should give his worker a call. I just remembered that I didn't tell her that my son has been randomly laughing for no apparent reason. Actually he hasn't really stopped doing it since the Adderall mishap. It seems to come and go and when I ask him what he is laughing at he says nothing. He was doing it this morning as well. I don't know why...


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