Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A glimpse, a pleasant surprise for a change.

I managed to get some laundry done, although I did keep forgetting about it and even had a nap in between which is rare for me. My daughter and a friend were watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, my son was sleeping, the downstairs neighbor wasn't blaring her music and I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Made two loafs of bread, one was chocolate chip and banana and the other was whole wheat with sunflower and flax seeds that we had with supper. Did a quick vacuum and wipe down of the bathroom. I think I need to get some new filters for the vacuum or see if the hose has something stuck in it as it's not picking up like it should. All in all a pretty quiet and uneventful day.

My son slept til about 4:30 PM and woke up in a pretty good mood which I wasn't really expecting. I was mentally holding my breath for the unfair laptop discussion. He did eventually ask to talk to me in private as my daughter's friend was still here. It's conversations like this that seem to pull at my heartstrings, perhaps more so then seeing him not doing well. I don't know if it's because I think I'm seeing a glimpse of the man he is capable of being. Calm, reasonable and open. He was sorry that he couldn't get up for school that he has been going and plans to continue going, he just really couldn't get up. He says that he had taken his meds earlier in the night but still had problems getting to sleep and didn't until sometime between 6 and 7. Perhaps the missing Lithium did contribute, although I doubt it, but for sake of keeping things calm I let it slide. I asked him why he hadn't woken me for a Trazadone since he does have these to use as needed for sleep. He didn't want to wake me. Nice of him however he usually wakes me for some pretty mundane things so I told him next time to wake me. As for the laptop. I backed down some. I appreciate him approaching things like this and try to meet him in the middle where I can. He could not have it back yesterday as that was the day he did miss school however I agreed to him getting it back today. He agreed that that was reasonable. I have to say I like being pleasantly surprised for a change as it doesn't happen very often. I caution myself though as I wonder if this pleasantness has anything to do with me wanting him to work with Ready4Life, a way of appeasing me. It's hard to tell and I really do dislike the fact that I even have to question his motives but as I have said before: He usually warrants an A++ in manipulation. Still... I am proud of him for being reasonable about it.

He was somewhat hyper in the evening. He still has that $140.00 in his wallet plus money in his bank account, yes surprisingly, and he has gotten it in his head that he wants to buy an expensive watch. He has a thing for lighters, pens and watches. Hubby was too tired to take him last night so maybe tonight. The quicker he spends this money the better as it going on a watch is much better then it going on marijuana or alcohol. I guess my insomnia is behaving, wahoo!, as I slept pretty good and didn't notice that he had not gone to bed until I got up at 5:30 this morning and he was still up. I had even given him a Trazadone in the dish with his other pills last night so that he could get a good nights sleep. He forgot to take them. Thought that he had but didn't. A little unsettling however I try to remind myself that recovery takes time and his mind must still be racing some. Or it's ADHD getting in the way. So many variables to consider. Because of his hyperness or excess energy I reminded him that he has Neurontin/Gabapentin and got him one. He took his pills minus the Trazadone and shortly after that said he was going for a nap now that he has taken his pills. I did give him back his laptop this morning. He seemed happily surprised when I brought it up, like he had forgotten about it. I know a lot of parents don't like their kids spending too much time on their computers however I don't like it when my son doesn't want to spend time on his. It's usually a sign that he is in his own head too much or his thoughts are racing too much.

Another one of my son's workers called yesterday as someone usually sees him Monday afternoons. When I told her that he was still sleeping that he had been up all night, she right away asked if I wanted her to set up an appointment with his pdoc. I told her what his main nurse thought however the simple fact that she seemed to recognize that my son's current sleeping habits are not a good indication of where he is at, appeased me a great deal. She said that she would make note of it and bring it up at today's meeting of the staff.

It's 1 PM and I should wake the kids up. If I let my son sleep all day he may have problems getting to sleep tonight and tomorrow is school. Will probably have to deal with him wanting me to walk to the mall with him to buy his watch. Hopefully I can talk him into waiting until hubby gets home as hubby and I have to go out and see our chiropractor today as well.


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