Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why would I?

I find myself a little over my head in legal terminology and trying to get answers from people who are adept at not giving straight forward answers. I'm usually pretty good at understanding legal documents... so my college diploma (Office Admin - Legal) isn't just a piece of paper after all ;) Still it's not easy trying to get a better understanding of what needs to be done. And it's not just the legal stuff.

Three days in a row I have left the message that I would like my son's doctor to call me. I'm still waiting... Yesterday I was told by one nurse that the doctor that saw him the day before wasn't going to be his treating psychiatrist, that yes there was notes on his file that I wanted them to call me and that she would call me back after the doctor saw him... Like I said, I'm still waiting.

Yesterday I received a text from my daughter asking if I knew how my son was. I think I read it a couple of times... thinking, I'm pretty much on the other side of the country and I'm being asked how he is. I have not said much about my daughter here because I don't want her in the middle. I don't want her being held responsible for things that she should not be held responsible for. She is not the adult in this situation and her brother or other people for that matter, are not her responsibility. A little insight into my daughter or at least what I see. She would gladly take on the responsibility at her own expense and that is one of her endearing qualities. I can't say it always puts her in the best of situations but it is who she is. She has an instinct to protect others but not herself. I yell at her sometimes... Not because I'm mad at her but because I really wish that she could see that just because some of the adults in her life keep dropping the ball, myself included, that doesn't mean that she needs to carry the weight of things that are not hers to carry.

They started my son on Paliperidone injection yesterday, also known as Invega Sustenna, of course due to being non-compliant with oral medications. I know that my son doesn't like getting these shots however I'm glad that he is now on them. He is certified under the Mental Health Act. I don't know for how long but I'm hoping that it is long enough for him to gain some insight. I am worried since he was certified the last time yet got released before he should have been. It looks like they will be discontinuing the Clozapine, due to non-compliance. Even 'miracle' drugs can't work if they aren't being taken properly. As long as he can be kept marijuana free then I'm pretty sure that the Invega can work since it is I do believe (partially) in the same class of anti-psychotics as Clozapine. A dopamine antagonist. Although it's also a serotonin antagonist which I'm fairly new to. Serotonin helps to regulate moods. I know that he was put on Lithium for I thought to help with his white blood cell count however Lithium is an add on medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar and does seem to increase the levels of serotonin. I don't know if they are keeping him on the Lithium or not yet but I'm guessing he won't need it. *fingers crossed* this may be a very good medication for him. Granted if you remember me blogging before how he didn't like oral Invega because it made him feel like getting up and doing something... He may not like it doing what it is supposed to do :) I'm sure his psychosis world is much more entertaining then this one.

Now for the title of this post. Why would I? Why would I get on a plane, do my best to fix what is currently happening, with the knowledge that 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year down the road that we could easily find ourselves right back where we are. The short answer is because I'm mom. The long answer is that I don't think that I can unless certain safe guards are in place. Which is why I'm knee deep in reading or trying to understand Private Committee and Guardianship laws. Currently waiting to hear back from a lawyer at the Public Guardian and Trust office. Since we are in different provinces and the paperwork is different for each of them then I'm not sure where I should be starting the process. Out there or here. Trying not to think too much about how much this may cost me financially at a time when we really don't have thousands of dollars laying around. Bless my hubby as he says not to worry about it that we can worry about it come January when I get my butt back to work. Yup, no putting this one off to much longer. I need a job!


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