Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

Ok I'm not packed and I'm not ready to go but I will be by the end of the day. ;)

I'm still waiting to hear back from disability and I'm beginning to gain a dislike for how easily professionals can mislead a person. I think that I have an understanding of what is going to happen and bam... the rug gets pulled out from under me yet again. After making mine and my son's current circumstances clear I thought I was well on my way to having power of attorney papers drawn up, even had my son's agreement to sign them, and then the lawyer throws a wrench in it stating that he needs to obtain instructions from my son. This after telling me that he could draw up the papers for me to take to BC for signing. The two just don't meet up... How does he plan on getting instructions from my son while he is in another province and if this was required he should have stated this previously. I had every intentions of getting it signed by a notary public so that my son's rights were being addressed. Oh well...

I talked to my son the other day about the power of attorney thing possibly being put on hold for now however in the meantime I would want certain things put into place when he comes home. First he needs to sign a release with PACT so that that can freely talk to me and me them. He agreed saying he didn't want to hide anything from me anymore. Lets hope that is true ;) I also let him know that once he is back on disability that the room and board portion of his payments are to come directly to me. He will still get his spending allowance sent to him. He agreed. At this point he may agree to anything to get released from the hospital but I'm hoping that he will follow through. He says that I have his word on it that he will. I will be happy to have these two things put into place.

The plan was to leave tomorrow, be picked up at the airport then go get my son released. What is that saying about well laid plans? Always expect the unexpected. They won't release him until the day we are flying out. The doctor doesn't want to take any chances with something going wrong while he is being transferred into the care of his psychiatrist and treatment team out here. I think he may himself also be playing a role in causing the doctor to play it safe. He has lost his smoking privileges as he tested positive for marijuana so smoked it during his hospital stay. He has also asked in front of his case worker at the hospital for $100-200 which we all know what he wants that for ;) So I can understand what they are trying to prevent.

The hospital will communicate with the PACT team out here and send over whatever information is needed regarding his medications. I'm happy to have them take over some of this.

I will be returning on Sunday providing everything goes according to plan. *fingers crossed*


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