Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some good, some bad but coming together.

As I figured my son bought chewing tobacco along with a cigarette case and a lighter. I do believe he is now broke which in some ways is a good thing. He also went to the store last night for cigars and instead came back with a hookah and flavored herb to smoke in it. I checked and it was 0% nicotine and tar, just flavored herb. He didn't get much enjoyment out of it which means it will just turn into something else I have to keep an eye on that it doesn't get used for marijuana. I already warned him that if it does then it's going in the garbage then and there. He has already started asking McDonald's and if I can 'give him' money every week. No I can't. I'm not an endless source of money and it's time he adjusted to that. All these extras add up and really if he wants McDonald's then he should have passed on the speaker, hookah, salvia & pipe and the two energy drinks he had last night and ended up being up all night. He has spent $325 in less then 3 days. I don't have $325 to blow on whatever I want. Technically I have $0 since I have no income and this last week has cost my hubby about $2000 since his earnings pays the bills.

We did receive a phone call back from Ontario Works for the medication coverage. They were able to confirm that his ODSP (disability) file was on hold so not closed, so they would not cover it. I was told to talk to a supervisor at ODSP about having his file reinstated and if that didn't work then our MP. I told her I've already called ODSP 4 times and left 3 or 4 messages and I don't have a week for a MP to do something. Luckily my son's case worker from PACT took him out today. She took him to the PACT office and he signed the necessary releases so that we can talk and she can talk to ODSP etc. Yah! She took him directly to the ODSP office and to his bank to get copies of his bank statements. She will be faxing them to ODSP and hopefully soon they will be sending a copy of a drug benefit card to the pharmacy so we can get his Trazodone tonight. Apparently she was told that my son should be receiving an ODSP payment at the end of December FOR December. Sounds good right? He has already received monies FOR December and technically you can't double dip. The fact that he will receive payment at the end of December for December confirms what I have been saying about ODSP all along. They pay a month behind when it's room and board. I'm guessing that they may be assuming that British Columbia works the same way and that the payment he received at the end of November was for November but that is not the case. *sigh* I'm not sure I even care at the moment. They can figure it out once they get his bank statements.

My son received a notice in the mail yesterday from Fido and they will be cancelling his account and sending it to collections for non-payment. He also owes Koodo. He got two cell phones while in the shelter and unstable. One got stolen and he got another one with another service provider. Maybe him having bad credit will stop him from being able to do this again? Granted it will stop him from getting a cell phone when he is stable and ready to really have one however I'm not sure this is something I should be taking responsibility for.

After his case worker dropped him off he fairly quickly went to sleep. I'm glad as I know he needed it after being up all night. *fingers crossed* we get the Trazodone filled tonight and he takes one and gets a good night sleep.

We had steak and perogies for dinner last night which he ate good. Tonight I'm thinking about making a french loaf of bread and spaghetti with meatballs. He should enjoy that too, I know hubby will!


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