Thursday, June 12, 2014

A girl and a broken desk

Later in the day yesterday as I watched my son and my husband put together a new computer desk I was struck by how nice a day it had been. I watched my son and husband read instructions, compare parts and overall just bond over some pieces of wood. Due to things beyond my son's control he has not had much of an opportunity to do things like this. It's times like this that I realize just how lucky I am. My husband isn't my son's bio father and I sometimes give him a hard time that he isn't understanding enough. He certainly understands much better then he did a year ago and I know that he does try. Without hesitation he took the time to be with my son yesterday to put together his new desk. Usually it's me helping my husband so I was fairly impressed that between the two of them they managed to get it put together, correctly. Three times my son thanked me and my husband for getting him this new desk. His old one had broken earlier in the day. I wasn't surprised when I heard the crash from his room as I had been in there tidying up earlier in the day and saw how unstable it was. Per my son: 'I could not have asked for a better desk, it is perfect.' And it didn't cost us an arm and a leg. $40 at XS Cargo.

I was tidying up his room because he was bringing a girl home after school. She is also attending the YMCA to get her GED or high school. My son brought a girl home! How cool is that? I even liked her. She was here when his old desk fell apart and it was her idea to check out XS Cargo. She helped him clean up the mess. She was polite, respectful and told me that I was gorgeous. Even thought my nitpicking at my husband was cute. Yup, I like her. Hopefully the girl she is showing me is the real her. Time will tell. She taught my son how to blow smoke bubbles. They are kind of cool. When the bubble bursts the smoke escapes. She came with us to XS Cargo and to McDonald's for dinner. She wasn't embarrassed to eat in front of us and finished my poutine. Did I tell you she thought I was gorgeous!

I ended up doing my son's laundry for him. It just wasn't worth ruining a day over me being black and white about him doing his own laundry. I don't mind helping him with it on occasion. We still have to do the blood work and I still have to call the GP. Yesterday got a little away from me.

The guy from Dell or Alienware showed up and did whatever to my son's laptop. I guess how the keys light up on an Alienware laptop is pretty major and my son's wasn't lighting up properly. I guess whatever he did may have made it worse... As long as it isn't costing me any money I'm letting my son handle it.

The Adderall... Some good and some bad it would seem. He liked the affect. Liked it a lot I think. He felt good all day and he noticed that he was able to concentrate on his school work and wanted to do it. This may be a first. Already talking about wanting the dose upped from 10 mg. He took it at just after 8 am yesterday morning so by 8 pm last night he could feel the affects wearing off. He didn't like it. Understandable. Whenever you get relief from something it usually seems worse when you get it back. He ended up asking for a Gabapentin/Neurontin. He has been on this since September. It's an anti-convulsant and he was put on it, I do believe, to ensure he didn't have withdrawal or seizures while being weaned off of Valium. It stayed. While we are not sure why he gets the relief/affect that he does it helps him a lot with his anxiety symptoms. I don't know if part of what he experienced last night may have to do with the fact that he is not used to being physically tired. He felt like he wanted to go to bed. Not a usual feeling for him. I'm wondering if his nervous system being stimulated during the day will cause a sort of tiredness or coming down as the affects wear off. Something for us to discuss with PACT today.

I need to make some bread today. Homemade bread. Yum! I saw a picture on Facebook of my sister's homemade dinner rolls and they looked sooo good. So I have been giving homemade bread making a try. My husband decided that he likes my bread for his work sandwiches so I have to make him some more today. Earlier this week I tried cinnamon raisin bread. My son says it needs more raisins and cinnamon. I think my favorite one so far is flax and sunflower seed. Flax seeds are supposed to be good for you and doesn't this look good...


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