Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ADHD & Adderall *fingers crossed*

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a step in the right direction.

My son finally agreed to try an ADHD med. I do question his motivation behind it as he has been pretty adamant that he doesn't have ADHD... Then after doing some research on ADHD meds and I'm pretty sure coming across things like 'Is Adderall speed?', he has decided that he might have it... I know my son pretty well and he actually admitted to me yesterday that that was part of the motivation to wanting to try it.

Sometimes it's not always why we do something but the end result that makes it worth it. His pdoc made it clear that the type of Adderall that he is prescribing is long acting, slow release and that it is a lot harder to abuse. Also if he abuses it then he won't get a refill prescription. They are also in my possession as that is the terms of stimulants in my home. I get to monitor the taking of them, or the PACT Team does. I guess it's a controlled substance and gets monitored pretty closely. I can't pick up the prescription for him and he has to show ID each time and I think may only get 1 month at a time. These regulations do give me some peace of mind.

He took his first one last night. 10 mg. He has been talking about a 'hole' that he feels in his stomach. Sort of like a void of where his soul should be or where he holds it all together... I'm probably not explaining that very well. I guess it takes a lot of energy to try and fill the hole or keep it together but last night after taking the Adderall he felt that ease up.

I have been told this his pdoc is one of the best for adult ADHD and we discussed some of the symptoms that my son has that he has been calling anxiety etc and has had most of his life. So my son may not have started to take this med for the right reasons however I am hoping that the relief that he gets from not having this hole in his stomach, not experiencing anxiety that may be a result of being under stimulated, and having the want to do something other then play video games, will be enough to keep him on the right track.

We also got the go ahead to decrease his Clozapine again however by 50 this time instead of 100 as we have to be careful, just in case, the Adderall does trigger psychosis. 

I'm hoping that he will find school today a lot easier with respect to concentration. He was late going today. Asked if he could be late as he wasn't feeling well yet when I asked what was wrong he said nothing. He went to bed good last night and actually got up with little prompting from me this morning. He seems a little more up beat then usual... I'm guessing the Adderall is doing what it is supposed to do and stimulating his central nervous system.

He asked for help with his laundry this morning as for him this is going to be a busy day. School this morning and he has someone coming to look at his laptop this afternoon. His bedding needs to be done anyways so I have started his laundry.  Perhaps we will get his blood work done today as well as it has to get done this week. Will try to schedule an appointment with our GP or family doctor as well since I think his ECG? results were a little high last month so we need to go over them. My hubby and I need some prescriptions refilled as well so family trip to the doctor! 

We went to see the new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, last night. My son really likes to go to the movies. We almost didn't go as earlier in the day my son and I butted heads over the reason he wanted the Adderall and what his expectations of it were going to be. Certain things he said lead me to believe that he is in fact looking for a high instead of symptom relief. He didn't like it when I called him on this and we started down the usual road of me being accused of putting him down and being cut off every time I tried to talk along with negative attitude. That negative attitude disappeared pretty quickly when I pulled going to the movies off the agenda. Things calmed down and we talked and my suspicions were confirmed. At this point I usually ask him why he bothers trying to fool me as I know him much better then that and I really am not stupid. Anyways, I relented and we went to the movies...


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