Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tinker Bell Syndrome

I am naming today's blog in honor of my daughter. My hubby likes to say that he is experiencing Peter Pan Syndrome. ScienceDaily states that it affects people who do not want or feel unable to grow up, people with the body of an adult but the mind of a child. Fits my hubby pretty good :). Yesterday on Facebook my daughter stated she had this but my hubby says it is for boys only. Not according to ScienceDaily but since Peter Pan was a boy... My daughter's comeback: Tinker Bell Syndrome!!! She has always liked Tinker Bell.

It looks like the storm passed us by. Whew! By dinner time (5:30 pm) the difference in my son after being off of the Adderall for about 24 hours, was pretty obvious. He was hungry and ate dinner with us. Still a little distracted but so much better then he was. When I was discussing with my hubby what I had been reading about Adderall triggering psychosis, my son stated that that wasn't good and that he didn't want to go there again and he's happy that it's been 10 months since he did. I was pleasantly surprised and voiced my thought that that was quit a change from his opinion the day before. He just said: Ya, I know. I also told him that he needed to talk to his Nana and let her know that what he had been saying about me wasn't true. He agreed to do so. I hugged him and told him to stop giving me heart attacks like this, that I don't like him scaring the crap out of me, granted it was not all his fault due to the Adderall.

We watched Game of Thrones last night. It's one of the shows out that my son likes to watch too so it is nice when he watches it with us. Hubby and I went to bed at our usual 9 pm. My son stayed up so he must have been up for a good 31 hours anyways. He was sleeping on the couch at 5:30 this morning when we got up. Usually I get upset about him sleeping on the couch but this one I will let slide. It's now after 2 pm and I just got him up as he has a doctors appointment with the family doctor to go over some of his test results.

This morning I rearranged my bedroom. I have been wanting to for awhile now but couldn't think where to move things. This morning I figured it out and did it. You never have to many options when living in an apartment with small bedrooms. Although this place is advertised as being spacious... *shakes head no*

We have to pick up my son's Clozapine from the hospital when hubby gets home from work. At the same time we go to see our Chiropractor for our weekly adjustments. I told my daughter that I was going to start packing today. We leave in 3 days to drive out to see her. 3 days! Woot! Soon I will get to see my little Tinker Bell.


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