Friday, August 8, 2014

5 nights and counting

My son has not slept on the sofa for 5 nights!

His nurse was here yesterday morning. Of course my son slept through that appointment as he hasn't been going to bed until late and sleeping late. I talked to her about some steps I want to start taking in letting my son be more responsible for his own medications and treatment. I have been going to the hospital to pick up his Clozapine for him. From now on PACT will pick it up for him. He needs to start relying on them more and me less. I wrote in his day planner when he needs to call and refill his Lithium and Invega with the telephone number of the pharmacy. Just in case he is unable to follow through on this then PACT can have his prescriptions moved to another pharmacy and they can pick them up for him every month. I also talked to his nurse about helping him to stay on top of his monthly blood-work. This is also written in his day planner however he is not looking at it. I talked to my son about this yesterday letting him know what his nurse and I discussed and that the day planner isn't going to do any good if he doesn't actually use or look at it.

I have also decided to stop giving him his pills every night. I need to know if he is going to follow through and do this on his own. Being med-compliant is a lot easier when someone else is preparing them for you. I cleared off some room on his dresser and put his pills there along with his day planner. 3:30 or 4 this morning I was reminding him to take them as I guess he forgot to. I had woken up and seen him in bed so left my own bedroom door open so that I could hear if he was up and down. A sure sign that he hasn't taken his pills. I heard him get up and reminded him. He took them stating that he wondered why he couldn't sleep. Not particularly reassuring. If it wasn't for the sedating affect or the risk of insomnia I have to wonder how med-compliant he would actually be if he could sleep good without them.

His nurse asked me if I had heard from the lady from Ready4Life. I wasn't even thinking that I wouldn't since my son refused to sign a release giving me access unless an emergency. I guess she hasn't gotten back to PACT either so I don't know what is happening with that. His nurse dropped off paperwork for him to register or sign up for subsidized housing. Could my son fill it out or me help him? Not that I don't want to however PACT is supposed to be helping him with this and I really doubt that he could fill it out without help. I told my son what is was and that Ready4Life or PACT could help him. That I can help him too but that he needs to start relying on them more if he can't do it on his own.

I also tried to express my concerns with his nurse over how things would proceed if I was not around to ensure that most appointments were kept or what will happen when he is on his own. I can't say the answer was reassuring. If they have clients that receive injections or need medications administered by them then they have to keep trying to see the person however if that is not the case then appointments get missed. Like I said. Not reassuring. We did discuss moving his weekly appointment with her to another day as on Thursdays she can't see him in the afternoon and he is rarely awake at 11:30 AM. Will see how Wednesday afternoons work out. Still waiting on the new lady that started with PACT that is more family orientated. I guess she is swamped so it's taking her time to fit us in. Hopefully Monday she will finally get to met my son.

I haven't said much here about my son's Nana. I had asked that he not contact her and I guess he hasn't. I let him know yesterday that he could providing he leave me out of any conversations with her.

That's it for today ;)


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